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Eye Candy: Bo Talley is FINNNNNEEEEE that’s all that matters!

by Itscertified


Eye Candy: Bo Talley is FINNNNNEEEEE that’s all that matters!

I will be one of the first to admit that I thought Bo Talley was 50 + and I defended it, but regardless it doesn’t matter how old she is. Fine is fine!! and Fine she is…. Laweeed haff murcy!!  Look at this woman . Funny though the argument was people thought she was in her 20′s… she banging.. you 20 year old women step ya game up. Young folk step ya game up…. Bo Talley and Ct Fletcher are putting a lot of us to shame NOW LOOK AT BO…. OH SHE KNOW’S

bo talley 3 bo talley 4

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   Her real age Here 












  • Jerrell McMullen

    Hopefully she can motivate our black women to stop making excuses

  • gino sanders

    yes our women should have no excuses after lookin at this. This ole woman is sexy

  • jim jim thomas

    This is a young girl with her hair grey you aren’t fooling nobody. That mughsot was a fake

    • jdangla

      Naw it’s not fake Dekalb county is real about loccin mafuccas up! Plus she has 4 kids and one of em looks like he’s atleast 19

  • tyler

    if she is only 32 why make such a big deal about age. she looks great, and I applaud her efforts, but there are a lot of women in their 30′s that look great.

    and please someone explain to me why she is rocking the gray hair?

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